Thailend. (Thailand End.)

Turns out that checking out of the Koh Samui hell-hole early was one of the things that had miraculously worked in my favour. I'd booked the first possible boat that I could off of the island and just by chance, that boat actually ended up being the last boat off of Koh Samui (or any of the other islands) for nearly a week. The weather had become so bad that the ferries weren't running, leaving hundreds of backpackers and other tourists stranded on the flooded islands. If it weren't for a loud Bristolian man annoying me so much, I would have ended up stuck in the floodwaters too, so in a strange way, I should maybe thank him for being such a horrible, disgusting, arrogant prick.

I was making my way to Phuket, where I was to spend my last week in Thailand before heading on to India. It felt hardly believable that a whole three months had passed since that first day I'd stepped onto the streets of Bangkok in search of a SIM card, and ended up returning back to the hostel almost eleven hours later, freshly tattooed by a Monk... I'll hold my hands up and admit that my expectations of Thailand were fairly low in comparison to the reality of it - I'd been a little worried that it was going to be full to the brim of sand, (I HATE sand) and 'much too drunk' and rowdy Brits. You do of course find quite a lot of sand, and a fair few idiots lurking around the islands, but for the most part I managed to remain sand (and idiot) free whilst discovering some of the hidden treasures that Thailand has to offer.

The rain in Phuket was even more relentless than it had been on Samui. I met a newlywed English couple who were just about finish their honeymoon and fly home - they'd seen a total of three days without rain during their two week stay. I refrained from telling them that they would have been better off staying at home - their faces seemed to suggest that they wouldn't have found it funny. 

The roof of the hostel I checked into was leaking. A lot. The relentless sound of dripping did absolutely nothing to drown out the screams and cries from the room next door. My roommate - Stefanie - and I, tried to work out if the people making the noises were having sex or getting badly beaten up. We decided that it was more likely to be sex, though the racket they were making was absolutely unimaginable, and it certainly didn't sound like they were having any fun. Stefanie awkwardly bumped into one of them in the corridor the next day too. I was so glad that it was her and not me - I didn't want to have to put any faces to the noises because it was inevitable that there was going to be a repeat performance that night.

 The rain was pretty much holding us constant prisoners in the room, after so many months of constantly being on the go though, it was nice to actually have a bit of downtime. I spent the next couple of days reading, watching documentaries and practicing my Spanish on Duolingo, (without feeling guilty about spending all day in bed.) The hours seemed to pass really quickly and it felt like no time at all before it was time to check out of the leaky hostel. Stefanie was checking out too. We were both staying in Phuket, but moving elsewhere as we were meeting friends from home. We said our goodbyes and I managed to hail down what I believe to have been the most expensive taxi in Thailand. It was somehow even wetter on the other side of the island, and I was starting to worry that my last few days in the country would be spent in bed, playing Duolingo...

Luckily, when I met up with Patt and Alex, the sun decided to make an appearance for a couple of days, which gave us the chance to check out some of Phuket. We ate lots of good food, visited the Big Buddha, got blessed by a Monk, ate more good food, attempted to watch the sunset from one of the viewpoints, (which failed due to the sun not really being present again by this point,) ate even more good food and generally relaxed and caught up with each other. It was good to fit in some final tourist activities before the 13 hour bus to Bangkok and the 4 and a half hour flight to India that followed it. Onto the next adventure...