Cheerio, Melbourne.

As I sit here, thirteen hours into a twenty hour long train journey, I can't help but think how weird it is - the feeling that my adventure is just about to start - despite having moved away from home six months ago. I think the entire six months went by more quickly than the last thirteen hours have done, though that's maybe because the last six months haven't featured a man snoring in my ear whilst I'm trying to sleep.

Thirteen hours is a long time to be alone with your thoughts, and I've covered a lot of random ground, though to be fair, a sizeable chunk of that time was actually spent becoming the ultimate Pokemon Master. Until my Gameboy batteries died, anyway.

I find myself thinking about how time seems to be going faster each year. I often wonder if it's something to do with the portion of your life that it occupies. When you're five, a year seems like a lifetime - but when you think about it, a year represents a fifth of a five year old's life. Hit twenty five and suddenly a year is just a twenty fifth of your life, so maybe it just seems to go more quickly?  (It's either that, or there's some truth in the saying 'time flies when you're having fun,' seeing as I make it my mission each year to have more fun, and I think I do a pretty good job of it!)

Melbourne is just getting to a weird sort of illusive stage. One that reminds me of teenage days spent hanging out at the local skate park, Spring just about to roll into summer, you'd pull open your curtains to be almost blinded by the sun. Not even thinking to grab a jumper or a jacket, you'd spend the whole day freezing your ass off - too stubborn to run home and grab one, as that would be admitting to yourself that summer was still a little way off. Funny, how a chill in the air can spur pangs of nostalgia, in a county that's thousands of miles from home.

I've worked out that my time in Melbourne has made me realise that I do actually appreciate and enjoy my own company now and then - something I rarely indulged in at home - I tried to spend every waking hour in the presence my friends and now I'm going to make a lot more effort to spend some time alone too. I've got a lot of love for Melbourne, but I am definitely ready to move on.  

They say that you should travel until you meet yourself - there's absolutely no doubt whatsoever that I've learned a lot about myself, in the last couple of months, especially. Maybe it's because of that new knowledge that it feels like I'm only just about to begin. Or maybe I'm just always going to be seeking out the start of a new adventure.