I Haven't Been Everywhere, But It's On My List.

When every country is on your bucket list, it makes for some interesting thoughts on how you're going to be able to afford it all. Especially when you want to take part in absolutely every single activity that the world has to offer. Obviously I shouldn't really have to worry about all of that money business, as I'm about due to win the lottery any week now...

In the meantime, (whilst I'm still very much poor) I've been forced to work out a sort of backup plan , which will allow me to complete my quest of seeing everything, doing everything and meeting everyone. (And eating lots.)

Eating lots and lots.

Eating lots and lots.

I'm not sure who actually told me about Workaway, but I'm pretty sure I've told approximately nine thousand people about it since. You can basically volunteer all around the world with one of the thousands of hosts listed. Did you know that you can head off to the Colombian jungle to work with jaguars and monkeys and get free food and accommodation in exchange?


You can also help somebody in Brazil practice their English, work on a farm in India or even look after a dog in France.

So on top of getting to do cool stuff like help the animals, you get fed, you don't have to pay rent, (I HATE paying rent.) you get to help out local communities, probably find out some local tips and secrets for 'off the beaten path exploring,' you get the chance to participate in some absolutely priceless experiences, and I imagine if you wanted to, you could become pretty fluent in the language of your host family too. What an absolute no brainer.

With Workaway, I've already got my heart set on working with copious amounts of animals - all around the world, sailing from Croatia to The Caribbean as a deck hand, discovering myself on a Jamaican Yoga Retreat and living in a Nicaraguan tree hostel (to get started of course...) And the best thing about it, is it's such a cheap way of travelling, that it's easily affordable - even if your lottery numbers are taking a god awful amount of time to show up! (The actual best thing about it is how much it helps out in areas which most need it, but the cheap thing is really bloody good too.)

I do often wonder exactly how long I will be away from home. (Sorry, mum!) Every week I seem to meet someone new who tells me about the chance to camp in the Amazon Rainforest with a man named Rambo, the opportunity to help with the rehabilitation of mistreated elephants in Thailand or look after a pack of huskies in Canada. I've obviously got to do it all.  And that's before you get me started on the fact that my travel blog addiction is constantly fueling my ever growing mass of plans.

When every country is on your bucket list, know that it still won't be enough for you. There's always going to be another adventure you want to be part of - you just don't know what it is yet.