And The Stars Look very Different Today....

I'm always fascinated at how the loss of someone I've never met can hit me as hard as it sometimes does. When I started this blog, it was only ever intended to be related to my travels. Now, merely a few posts in, I feel compelled to at least touch upon the terribly sad death of arguably one of the most influential artists of all time.

I'm by no means going to sit here and pretend that I'm the world's biggest David Bowie fan - it's actually only in the last few years that I've even come to fully appreciate his genius. (Though 'Space Oddity' did make the final cut as one of the twenty five songs that I could fit onto my 128mb 'Ministry of Sound' MP3 player when I was in Year 7....) Upon hearing the news of Bowie's death however, I could have quite easily curled up in bed and cried.

As Britain awoke to the news, social media seemed to explode - as it does following the death of a star - with tributes, memories, links to songs and stunning photos. For once to me, the commiserations seemed heartfelt. For once, a variety of favourite songs filling my homefeed, as opposed to just 'the one that everybody knows.' Over 24 hours have passed, and I still find myself engrossed, scrolling through to see how David Bowie has influenced and inspired the lives of so many of my friends and especially some of my idols.

The scenes in Brixton - fans paying tribute by gathering to sing Bowie tunes in the middle of the night - they're proof that he was an influence to an unbelievable amount of people. I'm fearful that in this day and age, we're highly unlikely to see another artist able to liberate so many - it's improbable that in my lifetime I'll have the chance to see an artist thrill the world in such a way that Bowie seemed to. A man who made it fine to be weird. Provocative and glamorous. Original and bursting with talent. An innovator - an inspiration. 

Sleep tight, Ziggy.