Interviews and Fairy Floss.

When I got an instant callback after a sports marketing job interview, I was feeling pretty good about myself. Not only had I successfully dragged myself out of bed at 6am, (a time of day I usually only see if I'm still up from the night before) but I'd also managed to navigate my way to the interview without being late, completely blag that I know a lot more about sports than I actually do, dress smartly enough to look like I could actually fit in with their strict business attire dress code AND successfully walk in heels from the reception area to the interview room, without falling over and breaking my ankles.

I was especially pleased because pre-interview, I'd stopped in a lane to change into my heels - obviously it just so happened to be the exact same lane that the Managing Director of the company had chosen to take his cigarette break in. I'm great at first impressions. 

I had initial reservations about the job the next morning, as I was sat in the waiting area, waiting to be seen for 'round two.' I was just getting stuck into one of the sport magazines when I heard chanting...


I listened to the chanting for a little longer before I managed to convince myself that it was 'fun' and not completely ridiculous - and after a morning spent with the team, I'd persuaded myself that I really wanted the job.

Of course, in the five minute break I had before the final stage of the interview process with the Managing Director, I received a phonecall from Luna Park Amusement Park, inviting me in for an interview the following morning. Five minutes later, when I found myself the only candidate to have been offered a job on the spot, I found myself asking for 24 hours to 'think about it.'

In reality, I was ALWAYS going to take the job at Luna Park over the other one. I was never going to wear a skirt and heels to work, and I definitely wasn't going to go 'Wolf of Wall Street' on everyone's ass and start chanting along with my team before I started my day. Just over one month on, and I couldn't be happier that I did turn the other one down!

Luna Park, Melbourne.

Luna Park, Melbourne.

One of my favourite things to do is make the Fairy Floss (Candy Floss) for the kids. I actually love it. There's something so satisfying about spinning a stick round in all the sticky coloured sugar, and seeing how big you can make the floss, and watching the look of horror on the parents' face as they realise their children are going to be climbing the walls all night. A little boy the other day called me 'the greatest Fairy Floss maker in the world.' I'm dead certain that I'm by no means the greatest, but it was still nice of him to say it.