There's A Difference Between Being Lucky And Being Stubborn...

Obviously not everybody wants to travel, and to be honest, I'm pretty happy about that. For a start, the world would be boring if absolutely everyone had the same interests. I'm quite confident that the costs of travel would significantly increase if plane seats were selling out faster than Glastonbury tickets too, (and who wants to go through that stress any more often than they have to!?) Plus, imagine yourself in paradise - the white sands, crystal blue waters - tranquil and peaceful until half of ASDA Bedminster turn up to break the peace with stories of 'our Daz,' who only has five months left on tag... Although I'd love for everybody I know to experience what I'm getting to experience, travel really isn't for everyone!

For me, it's a massive priority. I get told most days how lucky I am to be travelling, and even more often than that, I get asked, 'How do you afford to do everything?' And told that I must be loaded! The truth is, although I do consider myself extremely lucky to be doing what I'm doing, it's not luck that got me here. And I'm by no means loaded. In fact, I can't remember that last time I wasn't skint.

God's honest truth - if I decide I want to do something or go somewhere, I buy the ticket there and then. Whether it be on a credit card, (interest free of course) or with the money that I'm supposed to be using as spending money for one of the many other spontaneous trips I happen to have booked. (Who can say no to £50 return flights to Amsterdam!?) Once I have a ticket, I simply work as hard and as much as I can and sacrifice certain things to try and raise some cash as spending money for whichever trip it is I've booked. (Anybody who knows me well, will know that more often than not, the spending money will again just get spent on yet another festival or flight!)

Sometimes, I wish that people would realise that they can do the same too if they really want to that badly. Sure they'll probably have to work an extra few hours a week or take on an extra job, cut down on takeaways or eating out or clothes shopping or drinking or smoking or most likely all of those things put together - but they can do it - it's just a case of prioritising what you want more in life and then working towards it. I guess that really I'm quite stubborn. If I want to do something badly enough, you can be sure as hell I'll find a way to make it work. (And I've gotten really good at finding good travel deals, travel budgeting and saving money by researching things properly too!)

St Kilda Beach sunset.

St Kilda Beach sunset.

I'm by no means denying that I'm lucky - I'm grateful every single day for the opportunities that I've had and am still continuing to receive - I'd just like to encourage more people to do the same, and for them to understand that all you really need is that ticket, and once you have it you'll find a way to make it work, if you want it badly enough that is.

I know that I'm by far not the only person whom people tend to assume has lots of money because of the lifestyle I choose to lead, (and I guess it is a fair assumption to make, especially with the amount of adventures I actually manage to cram in) but here's an assumption on my part too - next time you're admiring the updates of somebody who seems to constantly be travelling - if you're going to comment, they might appreciate you mentioning that they must have worked hard to get there, rather than commenting that they must be really well off. You never know - they might be living on the 80 cent tins of tuna from Coles. (Which are actually really nice by the way...)